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Want to stay agile?

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Opening your business for interns is a true win-win for both students and your company. Learn more about our experiences with interns at Ariane

One of the best ways to further your business and professional career is to support internships. The daily challenge by the "young and agile" generation keeps you, as a manager, on your toes. Being a mentor for a young student forces you to explain the HOWs and the WHYs. Explaining the WHYs is not always easy, and from time to time, you discover that things could or should change for something different.

Ariane has a tradition to offer internships to students in various fields, and the results so far exceed the investment (in time and labor) by far. We, as a business, can't expect young professionals to emerge with the right skills from nowhere – you need to make the necessary investment to help them start their careers with relevant field experience to balance theory from school. It is a true win-win for students and businesses.

We have had the pleasure of learning to know two amazing young interns pursuing a bachelor's degree in marketing at CFA Stephenson during the past year. Flavy and Marie quickly became an appreciated part of our marketing team and helped transform our HOWs by defining the WHYs. Flavy (My year as an intern in marketing at Ariane) has now continued her academic journey towards a master's degree, and Marie has relocated to Geneva in search of a marketing job – preferably working with hotels. Marie is also helping us out remotely for few more months, but don't refrain from contacting her if you need a marketing assistant. We wish them both the best of luck in their future careers, and they will always be a part of the Ariane Family!

The departure of Marie and Flavy also marks the arrival of this year's new interns at the marketing department. We are continuing our collaboration with CFA Stephenson and have the pleasure of wishing Delhia and Sandra a warm welcome to the team!

Marie, Sandra, Cedric (our art director) and Delhia

Sandra has worked at the Waldorf Astoria Versailles for two years and has a hospitality school background. We will make sure to benefit as much as possible from her experience and understanding of the hospitality market when working on our next-generation products and marketing.

Delhia has work experience from The Treep, a startup focusing on eco-responsible business travel. She has also studied tourism, and we will make good use of her insights and previous training.

We encourage all of our partners and customers to consider offering internships just like we do at Ariane. It is a great way to learn more about the next generation, figure out the WHYs by answering all those annoying questions you are sure to get, but also to help young students get relevant work experience we will all benefit from in the years to come.