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Self-check-in as a service at B_smart hotels

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Learn about how digital self-service solutions plays center-court in the strategy of B_smart hotels in this interview.


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"What we do for our hotels, which is really stable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and which we also offer to other hotels, is "self-check-in as a service".



"We rely on our partners for years, where we really try to support each other, because we know how an automated hotel has to function." B_smart selection use automated self-service solutions from Ariane to fully digitalize and simplify the check-in process and offer their guests a High-Quality Smart Service.


Make sure to read (or watch) the full interview on Hotelhero: https://www.hotelhero.tech/en/blog/b_smart-selection-digital-means-simplifying-process-through-system