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Safe (and smart) use of self-service check-in

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Providing self-service check-in and check-out for hotel guests via their mobile devices or a kiosk can be very useful

duo1800starwarsProviding self-service check-in and check-out for hotel guests via their mobile devices or a kiosk can be very useful in ensuring social distancing. Some hotels are still open for business, and any point of contact will increase the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Mobile check-in is the best alternative as it is primarily done from the guests' mobile devices. Key pickup is typically done by scanning a QR code at a kiosk or keycard dispenser, or by downloading a mobile key if implemented in your hotel. Kiosk check-in requires more interaction, but can also be done safely if the equipment is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

A few of our clients are actively promoting the use of their kiosk and mobile check-in to ensure the safety of staff and guests alike.


Kiosk hardware can be cleaned and disinfected using quick-drying, lightly-moistened alcohol, or antimicrobial wipes. Do not spray the kiosk displays with Windex or Lysol (or similar) as those liquids can damage the touch display. You can also use a dry, microfiber cloth to clean the screens and peripherals of any dust or other particulates. We encourage you and your teams to wear single-use, disposable gloves when cleaning the kiosk hardware.

Our support team created a safe cleaning guide for our kiosks - download and share it with your lobby staff.


It is equally essential to keep payment devices clean and disinfected. Most payments in a hotel are above the limit for tap payment so that a pin-code will be required. Electronic keycards are another, often overlooked, contact point. We recommend using new keycards if you have any available. It can also be smart to prolong the time before a card is reused as much as possible.

Our supplier of touchscreens, Elo Touch, has shared some useful and detailed instructions on how to clean and disinfect their displays safely. http://www.elotouch.co.uk/support/technical-support/cleaning

Verifone, one of our Payment providers, has shared good and practical instructions on how to clean and disinfect payment terminals. https://www.verifone.com/en/uk/insight/how-clean-verifone-devices