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What's New in Allegro Cloud v7.11

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We are proud to announce the release of Allegro Cloud v7.11.0. This is our fourth major release in 2022 and includes several changes to make our product easier to deploy, manage and use.

Take a look at some of the exciting new functionality included in the release. 


General product improvements





The Enhanced home screen allows the customer to choose Standard and Enhanced flow buttons in the setup. The Enhanced flow buttons includes additional descriptive text and an icon.

The main purpose of the feature is to make it easier for arriving guests to quickly understand the capabilities of the kiosk and how to pick the correct flow.


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pay later features

The pay later feature is a feature for the online check-in, allowing arriving guests to choose to pay now (during online check-in) or later (at arrival in hotel). It is a great improvement for the guest journey, increases the online check-in completion rate, and lowers credit card risk/cost by promoting card present payments.


The ability to scan a QR code directly from the home screen is improved. Kiosk can now detect key-pickup codes sent by email/SMS (for guests who did a mobile/online pre-check-in) in addition to BYOD codes directly from the home screen without selecting a flow.




To facilitate the deployment of our product and constantly improve it, and make it more intuitive to use for our customers, here are some of the "behind the scenes" features we are deploying in Allegro 7.11:


Mobile check-in

The Copy Hotel Tool is a brand-new way for our deployment team to install a new Hotel using an existing one as a source. Accelerated installation and reduced risk of "human" errors.

We are now automatically locking every hotel configuration after a period of inactivity; this helps prevent unintended errors and overwrites of your hotel configuration.

Another issue we addressed is the key-card re-encoding process, you can now configure the number of times you want the system to try re-encoding the card to avoid the check-in failing.

We also worked to improve the statistic module of the back office, improved the dashboard module, and updated our product in accordance with regulations in Germany.


Release Note

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Existing customers are also encouraged to contact us to get a brief introduction to features of specific interest, or to request activation.