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Protel i/o - integration completed

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Protel.I/O is now fully supported by all of the self-service products offered by Ariane

Protel is one of the more commonly used PMS systems among our customers, and we have a long-standing history of partnership and collaboration. Protel developed the initial integration to support our legacy systems (Allegro v5 kiosk and v6 online). This solution has since been deployed to hundreds of hotels using our self-service products to make guest check-in Safe, Simple, and Efficient.

Technology is constantly evolving, and both Ariane and Protel have since launched “next-generation” cloud offerings like Protel Air and Allegro Cloud. Protel also created an Enterprise Service Bus called Protel.I/O, making system integrations more efficient and secure.

Protel.IO Ariane Certified Integration Partner

We completed our Allegro v5 kiosks integration for Protel.I/O in early 2019 when we received our Certification. The integration has been continuously improved and extended as a result of the Protel.I/O and Ariane development team collaboration. We are now incredibly proud to announce that our entire product range has full and complete Protel.I/O support. This includes our outdoor and indoor kiosks, online and mobile services running Allegro v5, v6, or Allegro Cloud v7.

We have also worked on additional functionality, including improved product upsell and support for compartments (distribution of classical room keys). A majority of our mutual hotel customers have been or are in the process of being migrated to Protel.I/O to ensure we all benefit from this next-generation ESB.

Ariane has been a great partner for us for many years. Together we have many hundreds of customers enjoying the great solution & integration we have between our products. For years, the Ariane team has been a great hospitality-minded team, full of passion and a high level of quality service.
Wilco de Weerd, Director Partnerships at protel hotelsoftware GmbH