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My year as a intern in marketing at Ariane

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A year has passed since I joined Ariane. It's time for me to tell you about my experience.

Flavy at ArianeStarting at Ariane was a giant leap in working life: my first job, new responsibilities and an opportunity despite a difficult context.

Ariane was mentioned to me as a company on a human scale. They weren't wrong. Throughout my apprenticeship, kindness and mutual aid have been strong notions. Ariane knew how to welcome me and integrate me into this big family.

My job as Sales and Marketing Assistant was a real revelation both professionally and personally. I learned to put forward my knowledge and skills, but also to surpass myself in areas in which I was not the most comfortable. Ariane was able to exploit my weak points and transform them into knowledge. There I learned to be more confident, more independent in my work and less introverted. In particular, I was able to discover and participate in projects that do not happen every day

IMG_9697within a company: the organization of a trade show, the 

filming of a promotional video or the complete overhaul of a website. These missions are only part of the work that I was able to carry out at Ariane, in parallel with my already very rewarding daily missions.

Ariane was able to trust me and encourage me to give the best of me by exploiting my abilities to 100%. Thanks to Ariane, I was able to mature and learn from my mistakes knowing how to bounce back on the positive. This year has identified me only as positive professionally and humanly speaking.

I will be eternally grateful to have been able to work in a great company like Ariane as my first real professional experience. I thank the whole Ariane family for welcoming me with open arms and for making me grow even more.