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Motel Fraser Chandler, Quebec, Canada

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We are proud to welcome Motel Fraser to the Family of hotels assisted with self-service technology!


Motel Fraser, Quebec, CA (1)


We are proud to Welcome Motel Fraser to the Ariane family. Located in the city of Chandler, Quebec, the hotel offers 30 rooms in a wild and preserved environment.




Motel Fraser, Quebec, CA (3)


Pretty unique within our family, Motel Fraser uses both our Duo 6000 series for indoor check-in and our Duo 1700 series for outdoor after-hours check-in.




Motel Fraser, Quebec, CA (7)


The project also involved our dear PMS partner Hotello by Mingus. Our Ariane kiosks are an essential tool which allows us to continue to offer an unparalleled service, while respecting the new zero-contact requirements of our customers


Safe, simple and efficient check-in at it's best!