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Throwback to one of the most professionally rewarding year of my life.

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Even though I am really not a goodbye person I will take you through the most enlightening year of my studies at Ariane Systems. After obtaining a degree in Hospitality management, I decided to go for a Digital Marketing Bachelor. Ariane Systems gave me the opportunity to start a new “career” as a Sales and Marketing Assistant.

first picture at arianeAs it was my first experience in the marketing department, I started from scratch and was very lucky to get trained by Michael, the Product and Marketing Manager and Cédric, the Art Director. They are both so caring and were willing to spend time teaching me and helping me whatever the situation. I also had the chance to share this experience with another apprentice, Flavy, who became, despite our very different personalities, my best partner.

fhtnice2020Our everyday tasks were to interact with our social media community which allowed us to enhance our creativity. We also rebuilt the website on a new CMS that was totally unknown to us: Hubspot. We even had the opportunity to organize and be part of an exhibition. Meeting potential clients was so interesting and talking with them helped me understand our market much better. Moreover, being able to track and analyze the results of our actions can be very motivating! I even got the opportunity to start a new career as an actress (lol) by filming a promotional product video!

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I learned so much about digital marketing and communication but the most rewarding is learning about myself. I will never stop challenging myself because it’s what makes me grow up over the years, professionally and even personally. Working 80 hours a week in a hotel in the US taught me hard work is the key to success, spending 6 months on a small island in the middle of the Indian ocean taught me simple things in life can bring you more happiness than staying in a 5-star resort in the Maldives…. This year working at Ariane taught me that whatever you want to achieve in life, you can, even if you start from nothing. You need to work hard, and most importantly believe in yourself (which I admit isn’t easy).

I am very grateful to Michael, Cédric, Flavy, and all the Ariane Team for giving me the opportunity to learn by your side and for making my last year of study way more interesting than the previous one. Also very happy to be followed by two new students that will, I hope, enjoy and learn as much as I did!

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