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How to make kiosk and receptionist a winning combination?

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Kiosks can be viewed as a way to reduce human interaction, but what if it is actually the opposite?

Self-check-in solutions are not necessarily the end of a Personal Welcome and Human Interaction in a hotel. Kiosk and mobile solutions are here to support and assist the receptionist, providing an even better welcome experience. Learn how mobile or kiosk and receptionists can be combined to provide a truly frictionless hotel arrival and departure.

icons8-self-service-kiosk-100  A check-in kiosk is a solution...


Kiosk check in and key pickup in a hotel

Receptionists are often overworked and faced with many tasks at the same time. They have little time to spare between check-in, check-out and various "ad hoc" issues. 

Self-service-technology is perfect for handling basic repetitive tasks, but it can't replace human interactions, and all the extra an experienced receptionist can bring.  Technology can "free up time" and enable the receptionist to focus on more complex tasks and valuable guest interactions!

Proper self-service technology implementation in the arrival and departure process will make it a "force multiplier". In essence - an additional resource for the hotel, in combination with a receptionist, enabling an Efficient and Zenfull guest experience!

...that works very well in combination with a receptionist  icons8-reception-100

A check-in kiosk can be the perfect tool to transform the front desk from a "processor" into a Welcomer. A Welcomer that is available to meet, greet and help any guests in need of personal assistance.

Classical front desk and receptionist

Some guests may have difficulties using technology, including a check-in kiosk. The receptionist is there to help and assist during the check-in process. Fully freed from routine tasks and available to help and interact when needed.

Additionally, providing automatic check-in solutions as an option will help boost your brand image. Some guests may prefer a classical check-in or check-out with human interaction, and others are more comfortable handling it on their own. Letting guests decide what works for them is a great way to improve the guest experience and customer satisfaction!


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