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Mobile check-in reminder

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How to double the number of successful mobile check-ins?

Hotels, using our Allegro v7 self-service cloud, can enable one of our product features and increase the number of successful online pre-check-ins by as much as 100%.

Our online check-in service allows arriving hotel guests to do pre-check-in before they arrive on-site. All eligible guests are invited to use the service by an SMS or e-mail invite sent a few days before arrival.  Offering mobile check-in extends the power of our kiosk, and can make hotel arrival as easy as scanning a QR code and picking up a room key in a few simple steps.

Ariane can maximise the number of successful pre-check-ins by sending a reminder to guests who did not complete their online check-in. 

Hotel mobile checkin


We receive many emails each day, and it is easy to "get lost" in the inbox clutter. Multi-channel messaging (combining email and SMS) helps a lot, but sending all invites as an SMS will also increase costs. Reaching guests with the invite to online check-in is essential to maximize usage and decrease queuing at the front desk. 

Our notification module can be configured to send an automatic reminder to guests who did not connect and do a pre-check-in. The best results are achieved when the initial invite is sent by mail a couple of days before arrival and a reminder by SMS and email on the day of arrival (maximizing delivery and reducing the risk of getting lost in the clutter). Using SMS for notifications will also increase the number of guests that can be invited to use the service, even when you do not have their e-mail addresses on record.

Contact your sales representative or Ariane Support if you are interested in learning more about Allegro Cloud and our reminder feature.

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