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Expert Insights - Ronald Journo

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As part of our “Expert Insights” series, we had the opportunity to talk to Ronald Journo, Director of Sales France at Ariane Systems, to understand how Ariane's solutions can help hoteliers.

How do your self-service solutions look?

Our self-check-in / check-out solutions come in different ways: an outdoor terminal for budget hotels that will close the reception, especially at night, indoor terminals for example for hotels 2/3 / 4 stars, who wish to facilitate the arrivals and departures of their customers. We also offer a 100% online solution that allows customers to pre-check in on their own mobile phone until their room key is collected via a QR code at our kiosks.


Our solutions now allow thousands of client hotels to benefit from a 24-hour reception.

What are the advantages of your kiosks?

Our solutions now allow thousands of guest hotels to benefit from a 24-hour reception. But also to make additional sales through services, breakfast, early check-in, late check-out, or even upgrades.

The importance of Ariane Systems is also to put your reception at the heart of customer relations thanks to our solutions because we will take care of all the administrative parts.

How are you adapting to the current situation?

At Ariane Systems, we continually embrace the market, the context. For example, in view of the health situation, we have deployed a new solution, allowing your customers to perform a complete check-in and collect their room key, at the terminal, without having to touch the screen of the kiosk.