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Digital jetzt

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The German "Digital Jetzt" BMWi incentive to help small businesses digitalize and invest in technology has been a tremendous success. A lot of hotels have already benefited from the Digital Jetzt (and other regional and national incentives) to help transform guest arrival.

A continuation of the program into 2022 hasn't formally been decided, but it looks very likely to be approved by the Bundestag in the near future. Our advice is to check with your public accountant and see if your hotel is eligible for this unique offer. Up to €50.000 in support of capital expenditures covering up to 70% of the investment!



Ariane can help your hotel with solutions for:

  • Mobile pre-check-in combined with key pickup on arrival
  • Mobile lobby check-in using the guests own smartphone combined with contactless key-pickup
  • Full indoor or outdoor kiosk check-in and check-out
  • Mobile check-out

Our solutions are 100% automatic, fully integrated with the hotel PMS, keycard system, and a payment solution.

Self-service solutions from Ariane will help enable:

  • Increased Staff efficiency
  • Social distancing
  • Contactless check-in, payment, and key-pickup using kiosks or mobile devices
  • New Revenue-Generating opportunities
  • Improved guest and staff Safety
  • Regain guest Trust and increase Satisfaction

Contact our team (vertrieb@ariane.com) if you have questions or need further guidance on how to optimize your hotel operations!