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Can self service substitute traditional check-in ?

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Needs and expectations by hotel guests change over time, and we believe self-service is not only an acceptable substitute for a manual check-in but now also a guest expectation.

mobile check inThe expectations and needs of hotel guests change not only with generations and new consumption patterns but also with available technologies and the type of stay. Emerging generations of travelers are much more mobile and connected compared to only ten years ago. In addition, travelers see themselves increasingly informed and demanding about the quality of service they expect to receive. Indeed, having 24/7 access to information, digital resources, and especially online review platforms has made them more educated and more independent in deciding where to stay when traveling.

"the new silent generation" wants to be in total control

Generation Z or in other words "the new silent generation" wants to be in total control of the organization of their stay, they compare the prices of the rooms on the internet as well as the reviews of the hotel and can even check the social networks in order to learn as much as possible about their next destination. Nothing should be left to chance in order to provide these guests with an unforgettable stay, and this starts with their arrival at the hotel.


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the inherent safety of contactless check-in services has become an obvious solution

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, contactless "self-check-in" had already been one of the most desired hotel services requested by frequent travelers for a long time. However, since the end of the lockdown, the idea of ​​being able to continue traveling while maintaining social distancing has become a necessity for all and the inherent safety of contactless check-in services has become an obvious solution. Indeed, self-service not only reduces non-essential interactions with hotel staff but also allows you to collect your room key in a few seconds at a check-in kiosk that can be cleaned at frequent intervals. It is also possible to do a fully contactless check-in using the guests' own mobile phone combined with a touch-free scenario on the key dispensing kiosk – BYOD check-in. Promoting self-service within a hotel ensures a safer stay for everyone!


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A self-service check-in, compared to a traditional check-in in a hotel, represents a significant efficiency booster for the hotel staff as well as a time saver for arriving and departing guests. It eliminates unnecessary queues, allowing guests to be able to reach their rooms in minutes or even seconds if they have checked in prior to arrival at the hotel. Waiting time at reception is an essential factor in customer satisfaction which can drop very quickly if the customer is not taken care of within minutes. Shifting the main part of the check-in from a kiosk or front desk to an online pre-check-in will make hotel arrival even more streamlined.

Self-service check-in, online or on a kiosk, will help meet guest expectations and increase your staff efficiency 

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Whether you own a youth hostel in Geneva, a 3-star hotel in Paris, or a luxury resort in the Maldives, customers are king, and they deserve their stay to be optimal from arrival to departure. This is partly possible thanks to the personalization of the customer's stay. Offering online check-in allows your hotel to collect detailed information about arriving guests, such as place of residence, preferred language, estimated time of arrival, or even his preferences in terms of breakfast. Upon arrival, the guest will be able to retrieve their room key within 20 seconds from a keycard dispenser can be greeted by a receptionist whose role will focus solely on the guest's well-being. The role of the receptionist can evolve from the simple fact of filling out an arrival form to a real connection with the client by recognizing him, being able to spend time giving advice, and most importantly - a personal welcome to the hotel.


Self-service can indeed be an excellent supplement to traditional check-in if it is truly an integrated part of the guest journey, the hotel, and its organization. Self-service check-in, online or on a kiosk, will help meet guest expectations and increase your staff efficiency.